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Democrat Congresswoman Secretly Sending Staff To Mexico To Coach Migrants How To Beat System, Report Says

Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar (TX) is secretly sending staff to Mexico to find and coach migrants who are trying to enter the United States and is instructing them how to “exploit a loophole” to game the asylum process, multiple U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials allege. The Washington Examiner reports that, according to the National Border Patrol Council’s El …

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Kamala’s Ex-Lover Willie Brown: No Dems Can Beat Trump, Not Even Her

Sometimes the truth is so brutally obvious that not even leftists can deny it. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who admitted earlier this year to having an extramarital affair with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), wrote in his column over the weekend that none of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates can beat President Donald Trump. I’ve been …

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Nike Pulls Betsy Ross Flag Sneaker After Kaepernick Says It’s Racist

Nike just doesn’t get it and if there is justice out there they will go out of business over stunts like this one. It’s not ‘woke’ to hate America… it’s treasonous. Nike was marketing an American flag-themed shoe called the “Betsy Ross” for the Fourth of July… that is until NFL quarterback-turned-political activist Colin Kaepernick, who inked a multi-million dollar …

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Forget Nike, This Company’s Flag Support Can’t Be Wavered: Betsy Ross Sneakers On Sale, With Proceeds To Benefit Veterans’ Charity

Another company has come out with Betsy Ross flag-era sneakers, in a direct counter to Nike who recalled their flag-themed kicks when former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick said the design was reminiscent of the slave era. While other companies are likely concerned with making a profit off of a massive political statement, there’s a small time company that is 100 …

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