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Latinos for Trump Chant ‘Build the Wall’ At Pence’s Speech Sending Dems Clear Message

The Democrats need Latino’s to break hard towards them if they have any chance of beating Trump in 2020. Trump’s numbers among this important voting block have been remarkably steady – around 40% in Texas and not much lower nationwide. With unemployment at historic lows and wages increasing, expect Trump’s numbers to keep rising among Hispanics. From Breitbart: Chants of “build the …

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Pelosi Letter to Iran: ‘Trump Will Be Out By Next Year.’

In a move that some critics are calling the “very height of disrespect”, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi penned a letter Friday to President of Iran Achmahadajed Mahmalukah regarding President Trump’s attitudes towards recent tense events, and made assurances that he would be : “out by next year.” Joe Biden has already chosen this motorcycle as his running-mate. He’s extremely macho. …

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Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Team Should Sue Congress For Abuse of Power

Alan Dershowitz came out firing against Congressional overreach on Sean Hannity’s program last night. The famous legal scholar also offered a novel way for Trump to beat back his inquisitors – sue the congressional committee. Alan knows the law and while this may not be effective in the long-term, it could help to delay the investigation, which may be the …

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Trump Checkmates Pelosi, Won’t Comply With Dem Investigations

President Trump, in his first public remarks about the invasive investigations launched by House Democrats, just checkmated Nancy Pelosi. Trump will not comply with requests for information he said, citing Obama’s precedent of doing the same, and indicated he will fight the investigations tooth and nail. Trump will cite executive privilege when necessary and will outright refuse to comply where precedent …

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Fox News And Bill O’Reilly Get Huge Win In Federal Court

Bill O’Reilly is sorely missed at Fox News and his many fans are hoping he accepts one of his media offers and returns to television soon. Bill is keeping busy running his own mini-media empire with his books and appearances with Newsmax as well as his website. So it may come as a surprise to learn that some people are still trying …

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Trump Cancels Another Useless Obama Program

President Trump inherited a mess from Obama and Bush and the rest and has done a great job cleaning it up. There is much still to do but we are on the right track. We have finally confronted the Chinese, who have committed the greatest theft in world history along with our complicit fools for leaders and greedy corporate CEO’s, …

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Anonymous Hackers Fill ISIS’s Social Media Accounts With Gay Porn AGAIN

A few years back, a hacker associated with the activist group Anonymous reacted to the ISIS-run Orlando shootings by hacking into the Twitter accounts belonging to supporters of ISIS to flood them with gay porn. And now it looks like the same hacker, WachulaGhost, has hit back with the same stunt. As said, he first targeted ISIS in the wake …

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Michelle Obama’s New Book on Christianity : “The Bi-Bull”

After the success of her first book, “Becoming”, in which she talked about transitioning into the role of First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has been eager to set pen to paper again. And after just a few short months, her next book is set for release on July 4, Independence Day. The new book of obvious fiction …

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